The " blue book on quality management of Chinese manufacturing enterprises ( 2016 ) ", published in the field of quality management in China, compiled by China association for quality and published by people's publishing house, was published in Beijing on April 10. The blue book shows that the quality management maturity of Chinese manufacturing industry is generally low, and the differences between different regions, scales and industries are obvious. 
The secretary - general of China valve co., ltd was invited to participate in the valve technology forum of Jiangsu province, and made a special report entitled " the development direction of the 13th five - year new product of valve industry ". 
At present, China's valve manufacturing industry has been able to provide customers with about twelve categories, more than 3000 models, more than 4000 specifications, the performance parameters range from vacuum valve to 600 ultra-high pressure valve, temperature from cryogenic - 196 degree celsius to high temperature 570 degrees celsius.
​The global economy has gradually recovered, and the domestic economy has gradually stabilized. In the warm spring, we must seize the strategic opportunity, actively plan to lead the development of the new industry with the concept of low-carbon economy, and seek a substantial breakthrough in the industrial transformation and upgrading.