1, maintenance type
       Frequent actuators should be overhauled every one and a half years of operation, or with overhaul of the production facility.
       ◆Motor and brake device
       Visual inspection and cleaning, check the insulation resistance between the motor coil wires and the chassis. Measure coil DC resistance. Wash and overhaul motor bearings and add high quality lubricants. Check rotor, stator and coil.
       Before removing the position transmitter and reducer, first remove the oil hole screw and drain the oil in the gear unit. Remove all grease and refill with new grease after servicing. Carefully clean parts and replace worn parts. Install and adjust the reduction gear and lubricate.
       ◆ Position transmitter
       Visual inspection and cleaning. Replace damaged components and old wires. Check the precision conductive plastic potentiometer and measure the DC resistance. Check that the limit switch contact is good.
       2, commissioning and maintenance
       To undertake the commissioning of various brands of domestic and foreign agencies and their maintenance services.

       Central Asia after-sales service
       Central  Asia Industrial Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. has a complete  after-sales service team, after-sales service team mainly serves the  emergency and routine maintenance of products, product testing and  troubleshooting, product installation and commissioning, upgrade and  replacement of electric valves and supporting installation; After-sales work such as the maintenance of protective performance.
       The following is about the common faults and solutions of the  electric devices of Universal Industrial Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
       1, the actuator stem without output
       A, check whether the manual operation. If the hand clutch is stuck in the manual position, the motor will only idle.
       B. Check if the motor rotates.
       C, manual and electric can not operate, can be considered stuck valve.
       D、Disengage the valve connection part. If the valve is not stuck, check whether the sleeve is stuck, slide or loose.
       2, can not stay in the set stroke position when fully open / fully closed, the valve stem and the valve body hit the top. The "Close/Limit limit LC/LO" parameter has been lost and should be reset. Or change parameter "torque on/off" to "limit on/off".
       3. The valve position is inconsistent with the actual valve position. After resetting the limit, it moves several times and drifts again. The counter board should be replaced.
       4,  electric device work, but there is no valve position instructions,  check the counter, may be broken round steel or counter board is broken.  If terminal 22/23 does not have a 4-20mA current signal output, consider replacing (serving +) the bit return board.
       5.  In the state of remote control adjustment, the up and down swing can  not be positioned, and the “dead zone adjustment parameter Fd” can be  increased; but increasing the parameter to 20 or more will not swing,  and the server (+ position return) board can be replaced; if it is  replaced, Fault persists, it is recommended to replace the motor with a  low speed motor or to increase the thread pitch of the bushing and valve  stem.
       6, remote control / local no action, or motor unidirectional rotation, can not limit. Check the automatic clutch is not stuck, the motor is not  burned: You can check the motor power wiring is correct or the  three-phase power is not balanced.
       7, remote control / local action, the amount of motor windings,  overheat protection, electromagnetic feedback, open circuit, the motor  has been burned.
       8.  Remote control/local operation is not performed. Check with setting  device. Fault display: “H1 torque switch breaks off”; “H6 does not have  electromagnetic feedback”. The test (solid state) relay has no output. Replace the relay control board or power board assembly.
       9. Three-phase power supply trips once it is sent: The relay control board has a problem or the motor coil has burned.
       10, due to high power supply voltage (above 400V), blown fuse, fuse replaced after replacing the actuator fuse. Check that the silicon rectifier block of the power supply  board is normal and the primary resistance of the power transformer is  too low. The power supply board assembly or the power transformer can be  replaced.
       11, the background light is off, check the three-phase power  supply is normal, may be the fuse of the actuator has been blown or the  motherboard power cord is not inserted.
       12.  Nothing is normal when there is no load. When the load is applied, the  valve is opened normally. When it is closed to about 40%, it is stopped.  The “off torque value” is set to 99, and the hand wheel can be closed  in place. When it is installed, it can be closed and it will not work for  a period of time. It is recommended to use a larger gear actuator.
       13, manual normal, electric can not switch. The hand clutch spring is stuck in the manual direction. Removable handwheel, release the retainer, reassembled.
       14,  Actuator remote control / local action are not active, on / off in  place indicator flashes, check the battery voltage is too low. The actuator has lost the set parameters when the main power is lost. Replace the battery and set it up again.
       15. The electric device operates normally but no valve position feedback. The amount of 22/23 loop is only about 1-3mA. Reset it, it does not work. Replace the servo + return board; disconnect the feedback loop,  the feedback signal is normal, an external cable is faulty, replace the  cable.
       16. Torque protection jumps during the actuator action and  increases the closing/opening torque value setting. The fault persists:  Check whether the actuator oil has dried and the valve is stuck.
       17. The valve is closed and the travel limit is reset. After the reset, the fault persists and the valve is broken.
       18, the actuator setting and action is normal, that is, can not exceed a certain stroke position. The valve is stuck or the mechanical limit of the gear box is reversed. Can be manually checked and reset.
       19. During the operation, the motor vibrates, stops when it stops, and the speed becomes slower. The hand automatic clutch has no malfunction and should be replaced (solid state) relay before inspection.
       20, when the electric device is hand/automatic, the valve position does not change and the feedback does not change. The "Limit ON/OFF LO/LC" parameter cannot be set. The motherboard is bad, replace the motherboard.
       21.  The power supply board of the electric device is broken. Replace the  new power board. After the power is turned on, the silicon rectifier on  the new power board is quickly heated. Found that the motherboard has individual components have been burned, replace the motherboard.
       22, electric device remote control / local action. The setting signal is not accepted, and the valve position can be displayed manually. Replace the motherboard, relay control board; may be a broken switch, broken or missing magnetic steel within the switch.
       23, the remote control of the electric device is normal, a local control on the "actuator alarm." Replace the local control board.
       24. The remote control of the electric device does not act and it can move in place. However, the valve position is unchanged. After the line plug is loosened and re-inserted, the other conditions are normal and still cannot be controlled remotely. Replace the servo (+ back) board.
       25, local operation is normal, remote control can not be closed. In the open direction remote control, the actuator is fully open regardless of the signal size. Reset the limit, no effect, should replace the servo (+ back) board.
       26. The “valve alarm” symbol is displayed on the screen, and the manual alarm symbol can be eliminated. In case of positive/reverse rotation, the relay trips immediately. Disconnect the motor and replace the torque sensor.
       27.  When the backlight is off or the cluttered symbols or the three status  indicators are on at the same time, replace the mainboard. Operation indicator and ON/OFF in position indicators. Both  indicators are on at the same time. The setting of the contradiction  between the limit and the rotation direction of the valve is reset.
       28. Some alarm contacts cannot be switched and remote control/local status cannot be detected. Replace the motherboard or I/O processor board.
There are some failures, mainly caused by the installation, setting, improper operation and other reasons. Sometimes  several kinds of faults are mixed together and need to be combined with  "alarm display" and "H help display" to analyze and check one by one