The Only Way for Long-term Development of Valve Enterprises: Low-carbon and Energy-saving

China valve industry has been developed for several decades since the beginning, with the development of valve technology, the valve model is constantly improved, the valve application field is widening, and the corresponding valve standards are more and more important and indispensable. 

The integration of mechanical and electrical valves ushered in a new opportunity and a turning point, market demand for mechanical and electrical valves began to increase, the market still has potential development space, but at the same time the quality and requirements of the product is higher. 

" valve industry products enter a period of innovation, not only product categories need to be updated, but also the internal management of enterprises need to deepen the reform according to the industry standards. Although the development of valve industry is relatively stable for a long time, there are still non-standard competition in the industry, such as some operators through the waste valve renovation and repainting, the second sales, bring serious safety hazards to the engineering quality, seriously disturb the valve market order. " Jin module, chief analyst of Jin network, believes that the future of valve industry will be developed in two main directions, one from a single variety to multi - varieties and multi - specifications, and the second is to develop towards energy saving. In order to meet the needs of the set of manufacturing projects, an enterprise needs to manufacture the valve required for the project, which determines the trend of a valve manufacturer will be more and more large. 

In recent years, energy saving has become the principle and goal of industrial development. from the aspect of energy saving, the development of steam trap is the trend of the times, and the development of sub-critical and supercritical high parameters meet the demand of the development of low energy consumption of pharmaceutical machinery equipment. 

In the future, electromechanical valve will become the mainstream of valve market. Luo Baihui pointed out that due to the integration of mechanical and electrical valve ushered in new opportunities and turning, market demand for mechanical and electrical valves began to increase, but at the same time for the quality and requirements of products are higher and higher. 

At present, China's valve manufacturing industry has been able to provide about twelve categories to the user department. Its main products have basically met the needs of the domestic market, and the valve market set rate, set level and complete set of capabilities have been greatly improved, domestic valves have had a certain revitalization basis. The international competition pattern has profound changes, must pay attention to cultivate the development of strategic emerging industries. Luo Baihui believes that China is facing the increase of the comprehensive cost of production factors, the constraints of resource environment and so on. This requires us not only to base on the current, accelerate the traditional industrial transformation and promotion, but also to focus on the long-term, more focus on the cultivation and development of new products. Domestic valve exports are optimistic, but did not break out of the severe competition situation, enterprises still need to work. We should earnestly carry out the business service activities of " grabbing orders, promoting transformation and insurance objectives ", and fully implement" the measures for the development of foreign trade services ". at the same time, we should optimize the export inspection process, speed up the clearance speed, and actively create a favorable foreign trade development environment for the export valve enterprises, and strive for the early production of the brand of valve industry in our country. We Changzhou day 20 years focus on the production of valve electric devices, electric valves, 20 years to serve more than 100, 000 customers, the export situation is optimistic. Every country in the world has a brand of our days. I believe we will go further and further in the future! Create a miracle in the valve line!