" blue book on quality management of Chinese manu

The " blue book on quality management of Chinese manufacturing enterprises ( 2016 ) ", published in the field of quality management in China, compiled by China association for quality and published by people's publishing house, was published in Beijing on April 10. The blue book shows that the quality management maturity of Chinese manufacturing industry is generally low, and the differences between different regions, scales and industries are obvious. 

This is the first blue book in the field of quality, said Li Zhang Tao, director of the bureau of commerce of the SASAC industry association. its publication makes the quality managers more aware of the overall and comprehensive level of quality management in Chinese manufacturing industry, and is also a shining pen in the construction of " quality in China ", adding color to the construction of overall quality improvement. 

Li Duan yonggang, secretary - general of China association for quality, describes the current situation and development trend of the quality management of Chinese manufacturing enterprises from the four perspectives of enterprise quality management maturity, product user satisfaction evaluation, quality topic research, and enterprise best practice, and proposes some strategies to improve enterprise quality management level and enhance user satisfaction. It provides the research results of the quality management policy for the state and industry, and also sets up a communication platform for the outstanding practical results. 

" blue book on quality management of Chinese manufacturing enterprises" issued in Beijing
The quality of the manufacturing industry has risen steadily
Mr Zhang Tao stressed that the future of China's manufacturing industry not only represents the future of emerging economies, but also represents the future of the world's manufacturing industry. The blue book of quality management condenses the essence of the recent research results of China association for quality, is a lot of quality investigation, to show the quality management of Chinese manufacturing enterprises with the facts and data. 

At the meeting, the reporter learned that the book is divided into four parts: " management chapter "," market chapter ", " topic chapter" and " practice chapter ". Among them, the management is the results of the recent enterprise quality management survey. China association for quality started in 2009, " quality management survey of manufacturing enterprises" was organized every two years. the survey was designed to build " quality management maturity index" model of manufacturing enterprises. this model is based on total quality management ( TQM ) design, which reflects the overall and comprehensive level of quality management of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, or reflects the overall quality management level of manufacturing enterprises in China. 

The third survey of quality management in manufacturing enterprises conducted in 2016 covered enterprises above the size of 28 sectors in the national economic classification, the effective number of enterprises surveyed is 1830. The survey results show that the quality level of Chinese manufacturing enterprises is steady, and the specific performance is: the product quality is stable. The average pass rate for products reported by the surveyed companies was 96.1 per cent, compared to 95.8 per cent in 2013 ( seven industries in the equipment manufacturing industry ). The loss rate of mass loss continued to decline. The total mass loss rate reported by the surveyed companies was 1.83 %, compared with 2.43 % in 2013 and 2.79 % in 2009 ( general equipment and food manufacturing ). The certification rate of quality management system is high. The average proportion of the enterprises reported by the survey enterprises through ISO9001, GJB and iso / TS16949 and other quality management system certification is 94.1 %, showing a continuous upward trend. The popularization rate of the method of quality management has greatly increased. The proportion of enterprises reported by the investigated enterprises in the implementation of lean management, QC group / trusted team and other quality management methods were 50.4 % and 87.9 %, respectively, which increased 14.5 % and 11.7 % respectively than in 2013, respectively. 

At the same time, the results also reflect some typical problems. Duan yonggang told reporters, China's manufacturing quality management maturity is generally low, different regions, size and industry enterprises are significantly different. The quality management of r & d and technology links is weak. The scientific, data and fine level of manufacturing process quality control is insufficient. China's manufacturing industry has significant opportunities to improve quality, reduce costs and improve the brand. 

In this regard, China association for quality put forward eight countermeasures and suggestions: to promote the " quality revolution" of manufacturing industry, guiding the adoption of quality management mode. Increase the input of quality education training, continuously improve the quality of employees. Implement the quality management system upgrade and improve the product quality assurance ability. Speed up the construction of quality software and platform to improve the quality management information. Promote the manufacturing process " excellence" to achieve the quality reduction and efficiency. Take the customer value and advanced products as the benchmark, implement the upgrade of quality standard. The system promotes the quality tool method, helps the enterprise quality continuous improvement. Transform customer information thinking to improve the innovation ability based on customer demand. 

The level of customer satisfaction of the independent brand continues to improve
Market chapter is the application of user satisfaction index ( CCSI ) model in the automobile industry, household appliance industry and food industry in recent years. As a new indicator of economic quality, user satisfaction index can be applied to product quality and service quality assessment, enterprise performance evaluation, national macroeconomic performance description.  This paper mainly introduces the model index system in 2015, and compares the development trend of the evaluation results of the three industries since 2012. In 2015, China's auto industry user satisfaction index is 79 points, the first time with the United States car satisfaction index is the same. The level of independent brand satisfaction has improved for two consecutive years, and the joint venture brand has declined. Brand image is the first factor to affect satisfaction, and the gap between perceived quality and expected quality is further expanded. The satisfaction degree of household appliance industry is satisfied, the satisfaction of refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine, TV and mobile phone are 82.8, 82.4, 81.3, 79.4 and 76.4 respectively. Consumer satisfaction in the food industry showed an upward trend, with the satisfaction of liquid milk, edible oil, tea drinks and beer products as 77, 76, 73 and 76 respectively, and consumers' confidence in food industry safety supervision was higher than in previous years. 

The user survey reflects a number of universal issues. For example, the car industry, the number of new car failures is 107 times. Among them, " engine "," driving, steering and braking ", " internal decoration" and other system failures have become the main reasons for the improvement of the quality and reliability of China's automobile industry. In the household appliances industry, the air conditioning, refrigerator and washing machine after-sales service score is low, especially the timeliness of on-site maintenance and maintenance charges are reasonable. Mobile phone products, the standby time of the satisfaction rate is low, only 68.3 %, the maintenance convenience and the reasonable satisfaction rate is less than 60 %. Food industry, liquid milk, tea beverage brand image satisfaction rate is less than 70 %. At the meeting, professor ma yoshinaka of the institute of economic management of Nanjing university of technology, professor Zhang Conray of Peking university of aeronautics and astronautics, vice - president of the ninth institute of China aerospace science and technology group of China, assistant president of fangxiangjian of Zhuhai gree electric co., ltd and director of the organizational division of the Ministry of organizational information of Zhuhai gree electric co., ltd made a wonderful statement with the representatives of the enterprise.