The development direction of new product of valve

The secretary - general of China valve co., ltd was invited to participate in the valve technology forum of Jiangsu province, and made a special report entitled " the development direction of the 13th five - year new product of valve industry ". 

First, song secretary - general briefed the development of China's valve industry. He said, " the twelfth five - year" period, China's valve industry has a great development. According to statistics, in 2015, the country has the size of enterprises ( annual sales of more than million yuan enterprises ) total 1806. Total assets of 1948 billion yuan, up 2.01 % year - on - year; Production valve 994.11 million tons, up 1.32 % year - on - year; The main business income of RMB 2,566 billion yuan, up - 0.47 %; The total profit was 172 billion yuan, up - 5.78 % year - on - year. Profit rate 6.7 %; The price index of valve products is 98.5 %; Completed export delivery value billion yuan, up - 8. 58 % year - on - year. Among them, Jiangsu province produces 92 million tons of valve products, the main revenue of 544.01 million, up 4.84 % year - on - year, total profit of 40.94 billion, up - 2.55 %, the indicators are better than the national average. 

Over the years, through the introduction of technology and digestion and absorption and independent development, and technological transformation, the industry has generally increased the level of product development, design and manufacturing. At present can produce more than 3000 models, more than 40,000 specifications of valve products. Parameter range: nominal size from dn3 to 8000; Pressure from vacuum to 600; Temperature from cryogenic - 196 ℃ to high temperature 1200 ℃; Varieties include gate valve, globe valve, throttle valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, relief valve, pressure relief valve, steam trap and regulating valve, etc., total 12 categories. The overall level has reached the level of international middle developed countries, and a few products have reached or are close to the international advanced level. The testing means and test conditions for conventional valves have been met. Test bench for individual special valves, such as high temperature test, ultra low temperature test and safety valve full performance test bench for nuclear power plant ( steam emission 660 / h ), etc. have been completed. In addition to some special valves, domestic valves can basically meet the various fields of national economy and infrastructure construction needs. In particular, in recent years, the valve localization of millions of kilowatts nuclear power plants has made a significant breakthrough, with the nuclear sufa technology industry co., ltd, Dalian high - height valve co., ltd and Shanghai valve plant co., ltd as a group of key enterprises have developed important nuclear grade valve products, of which the nuclear class globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve and the majority of gate valves realize the localization. The localization rate of nuclear valve has been increased from 6 % in 8 years to more than 75 %. The full welded pipeline ball valve ( 11 - 15 MPa, dn28 ″ - 48 ″ ) is developed for the valve enterprise represented by Chengdu Ride valve group, Wuzhou valve group and Shanghai resistance rice co., ltd, and 48 ″ fully welded pipeline ball valve can be fully realized domestically. The development of these new products fills the domestic gap, and some products have reached or are close to the world's leading level.

  Through the digestion and absorption of imported technology and independent research and development, especially after the " twelfth five - year" period, the production level and product quality of thermal power valves have been greatly improved, providing a large number of key valves for supercritical and ultra-supercritical thermal power units. 

Products of F92, f91 and wb36 electric gate valves and high - pressure heater three - way valve, high - pressure exhaust valve, high pressure steam trap, small turbine exhaust pipe large caliber vacuum electric butterfly valve, reheater reduction of water control valve, water storage tank regulating valve and reheater safety valve that producted by Hadian group Harbin power station valve co., ltd, Henan Kaifeng high pressure valve co., ltd, Shanghai valve factory co., ltd, Shanghai Huaerde electric power plant, Nantong power station valve co., ltd, nanfang valve co., ltd, Huaxia valve co., ltd ,Shanghai automation instrument group automation instrument, seven factories and other enterprises have been successively applied to Jiangsu Nantong power plant, Jiangsu Jurong power plant, Henan Jiaozuo power plant, Chongqing Hechuan power plant, Wanzhou power plant and Changxing power plant, such as 1000 MW ultra supercritical thermal power plant, the operation is good, broke the high temperature and high pressure valve of China's ultra - supercritical thermal power unit, all rely on imported situation, through the national energy bureau stage acceptance.

In recent years, centrum, Suzhou NUVE and River valve stock company take full advantage of the advantages of the financing platform of listed companies, actively explore the " horizontal expansion, vertical extension" of the industrial transformation road, in order to seek new investment opportunities and economic growth point. During the " twelfth five - year plan ", several companies successfully completed the issuance of stock projects, a total of more than 10 billion yuan for nuclear power valves, and other high-end valve capacity expansion project, to successfully seize a new round of high-end valve market, the realization of the" 13th five - year " strategic objectives laid the foundation.

Secondly, song secretary - general proposed the new product development and promotion application of the 13th five - year plan. He referred to products in the following areas:
Such as: the reheater safety valve, main steam gate valve, high pressure heater three-way valve, main steam safety valve and high-low pressure bypass control valve for the key valves of large ultra-supercritical thermal power units;
The main steam isolation valve, voltage regulator proportional spray valve, blasting valve, main steam safety valve and voltage regulator safety valve of the one million PWR primary steam pressure water reactor for large nuclear power station;
The large diameter high temperature high pressure hydrogenation valve of petrochemical and coal chemical valve, four - way bellows switch ball valve, high pressure wear resistant valve, pilot safety valve and ultra low temperature relief valve, etc.; 
" 56" high pressure welded ball valve, forced sealing valves, high pressure cock valves, cryogenic ball valves for liquefied natural gas, cryogenic butterfly valves for liquefied natural gas and low temperature axial flow check valves for liquefied natural gas, etc. In addition, song secretary - general also specifically mentioned the development of high-end electromagnetic valve.