The essential way for long - term development of

The global economy has gradually recovered, and the domestic economy has gradually stabilized. In the warm spring, we must seize the strategic opportunity, actively plan to lead the development of the new industry with the concept of low-carbon economy, and seek a substantial breakthrough in the industrial transformation and upgrading.

Historical experience shows that every crisis is pregnant with new technological breakthroughs, and the birth of new industrial transformation. The " low - carbon revolution" in the developed countries of Europe and America has officially started, and is expected to become a new growth point of the global economy. In recent years, the city in a series of related industrial transformation and upgrading policies, will be wind energy, solar energy as the representative of the emerging industries as an important breakthrough in the current industrial transformation and upgrading. However, a group of new energy industries ( enterprises ) in our city lack the core technology like other major new energy enterprises in China: the excess capacity of processing and assembling, and the scarcity of core technology, which has become the fatal weakness of the development of low-carbon industry with new energy as the core. 

To accelerate the new energy and energy saving and environmental protection industry as an important breakthrough in the development of low carbon economy and to cultivate the emerging advantage industry, has been written to the government report: " vigorously develop solar photovoltaic, wind power equipment, semiconductor lighting and related ancillary industries. ". To formulate the development plan of the biological medicine industry, and implement a batch of key projects in the fields of biological pharmacy and manufacturing of traditional Chinese medicine. Seize the opportunity of environmental protection and energy saving industry, actively promote the development, production and application of solid waste, waste gas and water treatment equipment. ”

We believe that the concept of low-carbon economy leads the development of new industries, and its focus is:
First, To invest in the development of wind power equipment, solar photovoltaic, semiconductor lighting, liquid crystal display, biological medicine and other high-tech industries, to cultivate new growth poles; 
Second, Focus on the new energy industry, focus on the development of fan equipment, solar equipment, efficient clean power equipment, UHV transmission and transformation equipment, to promote the nationalization of a batch of advanced equipment, and to improve the equipment manufacturing capacity in the city; 
Third, Around the development of new energy equipment industry, to improve the traditional advantages of the industry, to provide a common equipment and key components for the development of new energy, the key is: for nuclear power, wind power, petrochemical and other supporting special pump valves, for the fans, the ship supporting large-scale casting and casting and mold, for photovoltaic, fans to provide a complete set of high - voltage electrical appliances, cables; 
Fourth, With the opportunity of the development of new energy vehicles, to improve the traditional auto parts industry, actively to the transmission module, motor, electronic control system and other key parts development; 
Fifth, To introduce relevant policies, accelerate the development of leading enterprises in a batch of emerging industries to become bigger and stronger, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, and encourage leading enterprises to transform from product manufacturers to system integration service providers; 
Sixth, Flexible use of policies, focus on cultivating a group of semiconductor lighting industry leading enterprises, support enterprises to develop semiconductor lighting products in the commercial, municipal, industrial plant and other areas of the promotion and application.