Electric valve will become the mainstream of the valve industry

In recent years, China's valve industry has developed rapidly, the product export and market share is expanding, and gradually become the important production base and main product sales market of the global valve industry. China's valve enterprises are numerous, small scale, lack of core competitiveness, and the low concentration of enterprises, it is difficult to produce influence in the international market, to a large extent, restricting the healthy development of the valve industry. The valve industry in China is labor - intensive, with the expansion of the quantity. In order to have a long-term development, China valve industry must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, not only to continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional valve industry, but also to develop knowledge, technology-intensive industries and emerging industries to promote the upgrade of valve industry. 

In recent years, influenced by the rising cost of raw materials and labor, valve enterprises have to change their strategies to adapt to the market situation, so as to improve the valve industry. 

First of all, the impact of China's economic development on raw materials is relatively large, China's industrialization and urbanization to accelerate and implement, the valve of the valve raw material industry is obvious. 

Secondly, the high energy consumption industry in China, the rapid release of energy and the pressure of energy saving and emission reduction, and other factors, such as elimination of backward production capacity, energy saving and emission reduction measures. Phasing out a group of high - energy companies, in August, the country shut down a large number of metal mining companies, resulting in metal materials prices mate up, and the price of various steel ( scrap ) market prices continued to rise and higher, the scrap steel scrap market prices soared, and led to non-ferrous metals, silicon, manganese and ancillary materials rose at the same time. In recent years, due to the implementation of the new environmental protection law, the requirements of the government and environmental protection departments at all levels are very strict, and the foundry enterprises invest a lot of money in order to purchase the equipment. Now use electricity and gas to replace the traditional low cost of coal heating, so that soot and waste water to meet the national emission standards, which increases the production cost of enterprises. 

On the tax side, the tax and electrical departments of the electrical industry connected to each other, using the advanced scientific tax method, the enterprise power consumption and capacity linked, regulate the enterprise tax.

In may this year, the state has been regulating the heavy polluting industries, and the foundry industry is in it. The foundry industry faces the most severe rectification and improvement in history, the improvement and improvement require a large amount of capital investment, production and management costs will increase the chief officer. Therefore, the rise of raw materials has a relatively large impact. The rise in raw materials, the valve industry in the original profit space is not high, it has to adjust price, which seems reasonable. 

The impact of raw materials price increase on valve industry is the key in the new market situation, valve enterprises should adhere to the concept of innovation, innovation in product development and technical innovation, can actively and scientific research units, colleges and universities jointly, jointly develop new product projects, efforts to open up domestic and foreign markets, to overcome quantitative growth, improve product quality, focus on independent brand building, improve the status of Chinese valve products in the global valve industry, improve the ability of anti - risk and its own " bargaining" ability, and enhance the sustainable development competitiveness of the valve industry. 

The competition of valve market is more and more intense. Excessive market competition makes it difficult for enterprises to get healthy and orderly development. Innovation is not only to seek the high added value of the product, to get rid of the small profit curse of the valve industry, but also to the enterprise. In order to maintain its own survival and development, enterprises must carry out a series of innovations, develop high - tech products with great impetus and meet the needs of the market, provide strong support for industrial development, and change " manufacturing" for " creation ". Ink - guard rules can only fall into the vicious competition of price competition. 

Valve enterprises to survive in the industry of the forest is the first product cost problem, because the whole market downturn enterprise cost increase, this will also directly lead to the decline of enterprise profits, in this case, the valve industry can not care about the competition cost, several years ago advocated the compression cost, reduce the expenditure. At present, the idea of valve enterprise is how to stand in an invincible position in the high cost competition, so it is necessary to constantly innovate and upgrade from the design, to be more sophisticated in product production, more reasonable planning in human resources, in a word, enterprise hardware upgrade to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. 

In the " speed of China ", the development of valve industry has exposed many problems, and face a serious challenge, can say opportunities and challenges coexist, therefore, actively promote the industrial innovation transformation and upgrading, to achieve the quality and efficiency breakthrough has become the only way of the valve industry.